Valerie Cecchin
Owner of Zen in Being Studio

“An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing.”


Louise Bourgeois


Valerie Cecchin grew up with a passion for craft and design. In 2006 she would discover that Fine Art was her ultimate outlet. Painting and Art-making functions as a vehicle for her to understand and express her experience of life. Her art is conceptual and spiritual. The subject matter is a personal narrative that revolves around her studies in Buddhism, Metaphysics, and Psychology.


Valerie is a Chicago born artist that currently resides in California. Her work reflects her upbringing and experience of life. Her mother immigrated from Italy in 1972.  By 1980, Valerie was born as the fourth child into an old-world family living in the new world Chicago. Valerie never had a way to fit in. She was too American to be Italian but never American enough. She was too young to be a true GenXer, and too old to be a Millennial, and so on. And because of this, her life would take a nonconventional route to have a way to identify.  It was this lack of place and unsure footing in the world around her that would create an ethereal space where her place would grow around her. 


It was from this place, her first lucid dream as a child, where she can trust and analyze her inner experience. Valerie's' experimental art-style was born from a sense of longing, and initiation through her confrontations with her fears. It is from this first experience of witnessing and awareness that gave her the power to travel through the unknown. She finds great comfort there. 


Valerie's struggle with feeling a sense of belonging in the physical world enabled her to create a rich interior world that was in her dreams. It is from that developed dream state where she creates her style of Art. Valerie's paintings are a combination of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism that lends itself to a variety of influences from other eras such as the Renaissance and Postmodernism all the while remaining contemporary in her work. 


Valerie's goal as an artist is to bridge the gaps in her understanding and to connect experiences. Her experimental art-making style uses an emphasis on composition and texture to craft biographical narratives. Valerie captures her moments of awareness. She calls them thought-forms. These thought-forms create an open dialogue about the memories she witnesses. These memories become meditations. All of her work is derived from her life experiences. She hopes to create a common ground of relationship that she can share with viewers and evoke a sense of healing.