Then there are those moments where the q

an emphasis on emptiness

Life doesn't just imitate art, Life is Art. With or without a canvas, everything is an experience to be explored. Being able to capture awareness at the moment is how my art is made. My art is mediation and my subject matter is the emotions we all feel and that we sometimes can not give a name to.


The connection between my work and its interaction with the viewer is the commonality of the thoughts and feelings we all share. My wish as a creator is to engage the viewer's senses through the use of an integrated technique and using the best materials possible to share the depth of these meditations my art-making takes me to. 


As an artist, I have always been torn by my passions of Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. Zen in Being’s style is the integration of ABEX and Surreal elements through painting. The approach can be thought of like a bastardized recreation of Synesthesia.


This is what I call: Tactile Dysfunktions. Like the Abstract Expressionist painters before me, I paint my mind onto the canvas. This is achieved through utilizing the “psycho-autograph” method as a way to translate the mediation through texture. The surrealist aspect comes from the connection to my inner child that studied the shapes of the clouds to see what is unseen. I do this by mirroring human bodies into trees that come from a childhood experience. 


 I am always seeking to understand that first moment of awareness. Also, I am always seeking to find a balance within the nature of my mind and body. Trees provide us with life and sustenance. My hope with my art is to share that tree-like consciousness through visual mediations so that I may help as many humans as possible to become aware of how vital they are as human plants on this precious Earth.