Sometimes Seeing is believing

Everyday presents its own moment of magic. Today I was lucky enough to witness one of those living moments as a great example. Witnessing the moment is a gift we all inherently have within us. These ladies are the greatest example of living the Dharma.

So whats is living in the Dharma? How does this set and example?

Although, we all share the same experience our circumstances are unique. We all are born into a life of a reality of: suffering, old age, and yes death. This is according to the first Noble truth in Buddhism of course, and science of course!!!

But if you move beyond that reality and move forward you will understand that we don’t have to suffer? And everyone out there in their own way is seeking (whether it be conscious or unconscious) the succession of suffering.

These ladies somehow figured it out!  Capturing and witnessing this moment today, made me realize the value of relationships. They made me feel a gratitude for the people who walk with me either in a physical sense or in spirit. They reminded me of my Bodhichitta. Their essence moved through my portal of beingingness, my inherent compassion, and exalted awareness.

In the joy of their bliss, I remembered that: no matter where I am, even when I am all by myself, or feeling totally alone, I am never alone. There are beautiful people and spirits who are holding my hand as I walk my own path in life. These beloved people are the Buddhas that have come into my world and want for me the succession of my own suffering as I do them.

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