When you hear the call: one year of dedicating my life to my art again.

It is hard to explain what has kept me from writing poorly for you those who love bad writing to read. Sometimes life just happens and you find yourself navigating through a shit storm of your own dreams. Hopefully, I can finally dedicate more time to sharing my grammatical errors that define my worldly mishaps.

Its May, spring is here, the weather is as lovely as San Francisco gets. May marks so many pivotal points in my life. There was May of 2017, when I knew I was about to loose everything and had to live an entire month existential dread waiting the swift and brutal blow that would that would be the catalyst for all the events I have experienced in the past two years.

Some people hold on to grudges. In my case, getting tossed deep into the abyss of the unknown and not loosing my shit was an act of grace. Not all blessings are beautiful. In my situation, winding up in the middle of nowhere with only a poorly packed backpack and 150 dollars with no one to call for help, was shitty but necessary,

It's easy to have faith when life is easy. You are not so much worried about keeping your head above water when you are safe on the ground. So that fight I went through just to seek a way to help myself and the strength to trust others is something I will not just forget about. We all have the moments in our life when turn of events in what Joseph Campbell called the "Hero's Journey". And the tragic ending of my Van Life was the beginning of this much better story.

So when one year ago, which was a year after the Van Coup of 2017, when the call came to me I had no idea of the power that was inside of me. A year ago I found myself trolling the aisle of Dick Blick dreaming. I slowly walked through every section making mental lists, pricing all the materials I use to have on hand before I gave everything up and away in 2015. In the brush section I touched the bristols of all the brushes and brushed them against my skin. Each stroke brought back a memory from a life I had totally dismantled and didn't know if I would ever get back.

Then the call came, my every desire, my every hope, and all my fears, culminated to one point. I was in Noe Valley in San Francisco and where I would revisit my life's work. From the moment I heard the call I finally shifted in my focus, I finally was able to connect with my power.

It's been almost one whole year since that moment, and I feel so grateful because not everyone gets the chance to rise back up. I have just been lucky to have understood the meaning of Dharma. This past year of dedicating myself to art has also been a dedication towards my greater goal in life. I love making well-made beautiful art that activates spaces. But my greater goal is to share and inspire others to seek their inner bliss, to hear their call and beautify their truth.

My latest piece, "Resting in the Garden of your Temple", is an attempt at this.

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